09.26.2012 ***2 days until “Strongtober” starts!

Members, this is Erin from Crossfit Intertia. She will be combining forces with us here at our box….coaching her own Interia PT clients as well as helping us out with our classes too! Erin is a physical therapist, Crossfit Level-1 Certified trainer, Regional Qualifier, and one heck of a cool lady! Please feel free to ask her ANY questions especially regarding Oly Lifting! We are glad to have her AND her box members with us here at Ragnarok! Please introduce yourself to her and her peeps and help them feel at home…. Welcome Erin!!!




Skillz and drillz
HSPU’s , Pullups, Muscle-Ups, Hand Stand Walks, Double Unders, any body
weight movement you need to master or improve!


Hero Adrian:
Seven rounds for time of:
3 Forward rolls
5 Wall climbs
7 Toes to bar
9 Box jumps, 30″ box