02.28.2014 Crossfit Open is heeerrrreeee….. Dant dang daaaaaa…


Alright all you beasts and beastettes…
We hope everyone is super pumped for the Crossfit Open!
We will be programming the open WOD on each Friday after they are posted.

If you don’t do it Friday , you may do it Saturday at 11am… That’s 11am… Not 1130 or noon.
Be ready to DOOOO the WOD AT 11am.
You may also do the open WOD Monday at 11am.

These are THE ONLY times we will be allowing members to do the open WOD.

please show up on time
If you are not participating in the WOD or warmup WITH the class…. Then please get off the floor.
Please do NOT just show up and try to “jump in”
This isn’t double-dutch jump rope people… We have a warmup and class times for a reason.

Alright…. Enough shop talk…

Let’s smash some wods and be the baddest mofos in Jax!



10 min AMRAP

30Double Unders

15 Power Snatches 75#/55#