“I am a strong believer that workouts are what you make them. I used to be a straight forward body builder, and my cardio rarely exceeded a light run or swim. For years I used standard weight lifting techniques, and was continually disappointed with my results. It wasn’t until I enlisted with the United States Marine Corps that I began to explore “The World of CrossFit.” My chosen path of Amphibious Reconnaissance called for a much faster, stronger, and more enduring “me.”  After hearing countless testimonies of avid “CrossFitters,” I felt strongly compelled to experience this “lifestyle” for myself. I began to research and implement multiple CrossFit© techniques into my daily work-out, and quickly began to see dramatic results. From the technical improvements in my lifts to the increasing intensity of my core exercises…after my first full week of WODs, I was “HOOKED!” After only 2 months of CrossFit© WODs, along with a few power-lifting routines I had developed, I saw more physical improvement than that of 6 months with my previous fitness programs. With my consistently increasing endurance, I was able to develop a 20 mile/week running schedule in addition to my daily WODs. Both Josh and I maintained this intense physical schedule until we were deployed to Afghanistan in Nov. 2009. Throughout my deployment I was given the opportunity to introduce many members of my Reconnaissance team into CrossFit. We quickly learned the amazing benefits of having a “Fitness Family!” Where one slowed, we pushed! Where one lacked, we built! And together WE GREW! We used whatever time we were allowed to develop, perfect, and perform our own specialized WODs. On Dec. 25th my team returned to Camp Leatherneck from a mission in northern Afghanistan. Just one day later, Dec. 26th, my team and I entered a Physical Fitness Challenge as a “late entry.” Our team of 4 earned the title of “FITTEST WARIORS IN AFGHANISTAN.” We competed against 30 other 4-Man teams and were undoubtedly deemed CHAMPIONS! The CrossFit mentality was quickly taking priority throughout my thought-process. I knew, as a Warrior, I needed to posses more power, agility, intensity, and endurance than most. This in mind, CrossFit became my lifestyle. In June 2010, I returned to the Greatest Country of AMERICA and quickly began my pursuit in CrossFit© Certification. Now Owner and Lead Trainer of CrossFit Ragnarök, I begin my mission: “Transform the Individual” and “Build a Family!” Revolving around a Healthy and Confident lifestyle.. The individual must chose to walk the line…the Family will keep one another true. “He” will grow…”They” will push him to achieve his very best! “She” will fight…”They” will cheer when she feels beat! “He” will bring unique strengths…”They” will scream when he feels weak! “She” will feel each step may be her last…”they” will not let her quit! You will shed Blood Sweat and Tear…your Family will accept nothing less!”

Credentials Include:

  • CrossFit Level One Trainer
  • CrossFit Kettlebell Instructor
  • USMC Amphibious Reconnaissance
  • Crossfit Olympic Lifting Certified
  • Combat Jump and Dive Certified
  • Marine Combat Water Instructor of Survival (MCWIS)
  • First Aid & CPR Certified

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